Origintag offers the most advanced Product Communication Platform, which integrated with a packaging makes the most innovative Smart Packaging System in the World. The solution is based on NFC/RFID technology comprising of software applications and programs together with unique hardware devices, such as encoders, readers and antennas.




Origintag has patented many solutions, including the “Proof of Purchase”, which brings in a new level of marketing possibilities, allowing brands to easily establish and manage direct relationships with customers.

Origintag delivers an “End to End” solution, consisting of the whole spectrum of dedicated software and hardware as well as consultancy, to make the introduction of Smart Packaging System as smooth and seamless as possible for brand owners. Origintag is the only integrator on the market that offers a totally comprehensive and complete solution for making products smart.




Origintag offers a complete and comprehensive range of functionalities:

Security and Logistics Management consisting of: Brand Protection, Anti-Refilling, Track & Trace, Out of Stock, Anti-Theft

Consumer Communication consisting of: Product as a Media Platform, Usage Guidelines, Preferences Checking, Proof of Purchase, Targeted Promotions, Cross Selling, Loyalty Programs.