Dedicated Solutions

The “Proof of Purchase” is a unique and patented solution, that allows to easily establish a direct relationship between a customer and a product or a brand. Thanks to our technology, brand owner knows when a product has been purchased without integrating with the retailers’ system.

Marketing and Loyalty

The patented “Proof of Purchase” solution gives immense marketing opportunities. Sales registration without retailer cashier system’s involvement enables to conduct various types of marketing initiatives, cross promotions, very well-targeted campaigns and loyalty schemes.

However, the most important aspect of the solution is the possibility to gather and analyze data in real time. Brands are now able to easily establish, manage and maintain direct and regular relationships with customers not relying on retailers’ information. Results of these relationships may be accurately analyzed and transformed into valuable, smart marketing data resulting in very precise, well targeted campaigns based on micro-segmentation. Marketing messages can now be as accurate as never before, resulting in higher customer loyalty.





Brand Protection

Companies around the world, more than ever before, struggle to deal with an issue of counterfeiting. In many countries, there is a lack of enforced legislation, that would help brand owners protect their intellectual and material rights. Origintag solution allows to make sure, that products are genuine. Thanks to our solution, enhanced with unique multi-level protection, brand owners can check if their products are original at different stages of the manufacturing process or along the whole distribution chain, including retail shops. This feature can be dedicated for internal use only, or it can be extended to the end customer.




Origintag, as the only company in the World, created a fully integrated solution that combines two technologies in one tag: NFC and RFiD, giving a complete and comprehensive spectrum of functionalities. It allows to track and trace goods along the whole distribution chain and communicate with customers directly while the goods are exposed on a shelf.

Our solution also allows real time stocktaking – a great feature, which makes it possible to check the inventory in real time. And this all happens without having to integrate two different tags in a single product!







Cold Chain Solution

The Cold Chain Solution allows to accurately monitor the temperature during the whole distribution process. Temperature anomalies going out of the set range are automatically detected. After the goods have been received, it is possible to check the temperature readings of the Cold Chain Solution with a smartphone, making it easy for any dedicated employee to make sure that the required range of temperature has been maintained. Out of range situations are clearly visible on a smartphone and alerts are provided that such anomalies took place.