In Store Communication

Origintag solution radically enhances the relation between a product and a customer. Products have possessed a new spectrum of informational and marketing abilities. They are able to communicate directly from the shelf without engaging the retailer. Customers may check all needed information, current promotions or get instant rewards just by tapping the packaging with a smartphone.


Product as a Media Platform

Origintag has created a Product Communication Platform that enables products to communicate with a customer directly without integrating with a retailer. Consumers can check all needed information about a particular product, watch instruction videos, read or watch usage guidelines, check for allergens, get instant rewards or add loyalty points to their accounts.


Usage Guidelines

From now on, customers do not need to worry how to use a product they are going to purchase. They may watch an instruction video and get all necessary information about the product, safety precautions, dosage recommendations and a lot more. The amount, type and kind of information that is supplied to a customer is up to the Company that moderates the data feeding. And it all can be changed and modified at a single click of a button, from any place in the World, just by connecting to our Data Management Dashboard.


Preferences Checking

This feature allows customers to set up their preferences. After a few simple steps, they may check if this particular product satisfies their needs/preferences or not. Examples of vegetarians perfectly explains this feature. Customer may get to know, whether a particular product is vegetarian or not, just by tapping it with a smartphone. Preferences checking feature may be applied in many industries in numerous ways and can be of a great value to a producer, who wants to meet the clients’ needs.