Clothing, footwear and gallantry

Solutions offered by Origintag are most of all related to securing products against counterfeiting. Thanks to Origintag producers can get rid of unfair competition and consumers will be sure that the products they purchase are 100% genuine.

This unique solution, apart from brand protection features, also gives great marketing possibilities. The broken loop sends information to the chip in order to activate advanced loyalty/marketing features. A customer taps the product and he is able to take part in loyalty programs, get instant rewards, receive e-coupons and many more.




Hanging label or label with a tag

Due to attaching additional, external labels and hanging labels to products, we offer ready to use paper, cardboard or plastic labels (tags) with a tag embedded inside.

Tag placed in a tab


For the footwear industry we offer a solution that allows placing the tag inside the tab of a shoe. Thanks to that placement the tag is completely invisible and at the same time very durable.



Tag integrated with a product


Due to a large variety of products, that exist in the industry we offer you a possibility of freely choosing where to place our tag inside the product. You can choose to sew in the tag into the product, glue it to any given part or implement it in any other method, proposed by us.

Tag placed in the sole of a shoe


For the footwear industry, we also offer an additional solution that allows for the implementation of the tag in the sole of a shoe, which rules out the possibility of damaging it during use. On top of that we offer to our clients a chance to mark the spot where the tag is placed, so that the consumer knows where to tap the product in order to read the information.