Pharmacy and supplements

The unique and advanced Origintag system secures medicines against counterfeiting as well as against refilling frauds. It is possible to verify the authenticity of medicines along the whole distribution chain just by using a dedicated mobile application and a smartphone. Products are protected using our state of the art hardware and software with advanced, multi-level protection, incorporating Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Unique Identity Number, Real Time Signature of Originality and Symmetric Key Algorithm. This is the first and the only in the World, fully comprehensive solution, that gives such high security level.






Apart from the strongest available protection, Patients have an easy access to all important information and features regarding particular medicines. The leaflet content as well as other necessary information about drug usage will be available just by simply tapping the product with a smartphone. In case there is a need to provide information for customers or pharmacies that a certain medicine needs to be withdrawn, messages can be easily sent by the manufacturer.


For temperature sensitive drugs, our Cold Chain Solution can be used. It allows to accurately monitor the temperature during the whole distribution process. End customers as well as doctors or pharmacists are able to check with their smartphone that the transport or storage temperature has been kept within the desired range and that the medicine is good for use.


The Origintag technology also gives a great possibility to establish direct relationships with patients. Communication about drug dosage, side effects or opinions may now be undertaken with every single patient separately. The solution makes it easier to make sure that drugs are taken accordingly to the prescriptions. Patients may be even reminded by sending direct alerts, that a drug needs to be administered. With the use of a simple application, dedicated treatment schemes may be created.



Box packaging with tags 


For drugs packaged in small boxes, we created a solution which allows to implement a tag easily either inside or outside of the box. A sticker electronic tag can be put wherever the producer wishes. Despite the simple implementation, the tag is very durable and resistant to external factors.




Blisters with tags


Another one of our solutions is a blister integrated with a tag. We deliver a ready-made product, without a need to introduce any changes to the production process. The tag delivered by us is an integral part of the blister and remains in the same place even after numerous uses.


Jar and vial labels


For pharmaceutical products sold in vials and jars, we created smart labels with tags. We delivery ready-made labels with various options of integrating Origintag tags. Please find all such options in the section which describes our Smart Label System™:



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Tamper Evident labels with tags


Yet another one of our solutions includes placing a tag on your product as a simple Tamper Evident label – which secures the product against any tampering. A sticker tag integrated with the label may be placed in the internal or external part of it, as the producer wishes.

Caps with embedded tags


A tag can be embedded into a packaging cap. It can be placed in the internal or external part of the cap, as required and chosen by the producer. The tag is embedded into the cap already in the production process. We deliver to our clients a ready made solution in the form of a cap with an implemented electronic tag, which does not require any change to the technological process.




Polypropylene packaging with embedded tags


Thanks to ours partnerships with companies which produce packaging, we can provide our clients with an option to embed a tag in any part of polypropylene packaging which holds pharmaceutical products. The tag can be embedded either in the top, side or bottom part of the packaging. We deliver to our clients a ready made solution in the form of polypropylene packaging with an implemented electronic tag, which does not require any change to the technological process.