Tobacco products

Tobacco products are often counterfeited due to their high market value and high tax levels. Origintag solution helps to increase the security level to a very high standard by making them impossible to copy.

Origintag has a perfect solution to fight against the counterfeiting problem. It is possible to verify the authenticity of products along the whole distribution chain just by using a dedicated mobile application and a smartphone. Products are protected using our state of the art hardware and software with advanced, multi-level protection, incorporating Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Unique Identity Number, Real Time Signature of Originality and Symmetric Key Algorithm. This is the first and the only in the World, fully comprehensive solution, that gives such high security level.




Tag placed inside the side of the package


We offer the possibility of placing the tag on the side of the package of the tobacco product. Thanks to the adequate placement of the tag, it is also readable in case of the aluminum foil inside the pack.

Tag placed inside the lid of the package


Another solution for putting the tag in the pack of tobacco products is placing it on the inside of the upper part of the package.