Wine & Spirits

The Origintag solution perfectly fits the needs and requirements of wine & spirits industry. Counterfeiting is a common issue in many markets, where there is no adequate legal enforcement. This not only applies to producing fake packaging, but often original packaging is recollected and filled with liquids imitating the originals. Such cases are even more difficult to discover and prosecute.

Hand with smartphone scanning wine bottle in supermarket for price comparison

Origintag has a perfect solution to fight against counterfeiting. It is possible to verify the authenticity of products along the whole distribution chain just by using a dedicated mobile application and a smartphone.

Products are protected using our state of the art hardware and software with advanced, multi-level protection, incorporating Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Unique Identity Number, Real Time Signature of Originality and Symmetric Key Algorithm. This is the first and the only in the World, fully comprehensive solution, that gives such high security level.

We use specially designed, dedicated tags with a loop, which protect the bottle against refilling. When a bottle is opened, the loop gets broken and a signal to the chip is sent that such occurrence took place. When customer taps an opened bottle with his smartphone, he will get a message that this particular bottle has been opened before.

This unique solution, apart from brand protection features, also gives great marketing possibilities. The broken loop sends information to the chip in order to activate loyalty/marketing features. A customer taps the product and he is able to take part in loyalty programs, get instant rewards, receive e-coupons and many more.


Excise Bands with Tags


Due to an additional security measure used by many alcohol producers, we provide a very simple yet effective option to implement a tag, on either the internal or external part of a product excise band. A sticker tag can be applied wherever the producer wishes. It is very easy to implement it and the producer can put such a tag on any part of a product excise band without any production hassle.



Heat Shrink Caps with Tags


Our array of solutions includes a tag which is permanently implemented in a heat shrink cap placed on wine bottle. We deliver a product with an internally integrated tag, fully prepared and ready to implement. Thanks to this, switching to Origintag does not affect the manufacture procedure of goods and their packaging.




Labels with Integrated Tags


As labels are widely popular in the wine and spirits industry, together with our partner, the Multi-Color Corporation, we have come up with a variety  of application possibilities of our solution directly into the labels.






Aluminium Caps with Tags


For alcoholic beverages with aluminum caps, we have developed a solution which allows to put a tag on the cap. Thanks to our On-Metal tags, tag data can now be read from a metal surface.