Logistics Management

Logistics management is part of security and logistics management group of functionalities. It constitutes a combination of features that help to efficiently run logistics and security operations on daily basis, including real time stocktaking. This set of tools enables managers to take right and quick decisions thanks to real time data analysis using our Data Management Dashboard. From now on, products’ originality, tracking and checking will be more accurate than ever before.

Track and Trace

The first worldwide solution combining two technologies in one: NFC and RFiD. On top of a wide range of consumer features, such as direct communication or loyalty schemes, the Company may track and trace its goods at all stages. It is possible to check, whether products left the production line, distribution center or reached the right retail stores. Now any Company has a great possibility to control the whole distribution chain and communicate directly with the end customer, all in one solution.


Real Time Stocktaking

A great feature for all companies running their inventories. It allows to check the inventory at a click of a button, whether on a production site, warehouse, dispatch center or a retail store. Out of stock situations or missing goods are no longer an issue thanks to the fact that the whole supply, production, distribution and retail channels are under full control.


Anti Theft Protection

On top of the logistics control, we have equipped our solution with an anti-theft protection that works with a vast majority of the anti-theft equipment installed in warehouses, production sites or points of sale.