One 2 One Communication

Origintag patented, unique solution for “Proof of Purchase”, introduces a whole new spectrum of possibilities to communicate with customers directly, while at the same time giving them a new, dynamic range of benefits that were not available before.

Proof of Purchase

Customers after tapping the product on a shelf, can easily get motivated to buy them by introducing loyalty schemes, instant rewards or simple e-coupons. Such promotions or client engagement schemes, can be run with or without integrating with the retailer. It is now perfectly possible for manufacturers to establish a direct relationship with final consumers without having to deal with a retailer.

Origintag has a unique system that registers sales without any contact with retailer’s cashier system. It gives a great opportunities to motivate, reward and make customers loyal notwithstanding distributor’s programs.



Targeted Promotions

The patented “Proof of Purchase” solution also provides a deeper knowledge about consumers’ behavior. It is possible to follow customers’ behavior, conduct segmentation as well as prepare targeted offers and campaigns. This powerful marketing tool allows to develop direct relationships with customers and make successful targeted campaigns notwithstanding distribution chains.



Cross Promotions

The “Proof of Purchase” solution creates a wide array of opportunities for in store customer motivation. They can easily get encouraged to purchase a product or a group of products, taking part in the cross promotion scheme, receive instant rewards or simple e-coupons. The brand owner may directly stimulate customer behavior and increase sales by offering additional benefits or a quicker and easier access to them.

Consumers may be instantly and easily rewarded for desired shopping behaviors, without having to fill in questionnaires, mail in rebate coupons or collect receipts. And this happens just by using their smartphone in a very simple and convenient way.

Loyalty Programs

Origintag system facilitates creation of coherent loyalty programs without retailers’ involvement. This is the first worldwide solution that all purchases are registered notwithstanding distribution chains. In this way, customers may be rewarded for their loyalty to the brand and not to the distributor. Customer may purchase a certain brand product in any retail store and be rewarded for that by the brand owner. It constitutes a great solution for companies that want to turn occasional shoppers into loyal customers and manage the established relationship on a regular basis.