Security Management


Security and logistics management feature consists of a combination of unique functionalities, that help to efficiently run logistics and security operations on daily basis. This set of tools enables Company managers to take right and quick decisions thanks to real time data analysis using our Data Management Dashboard. From now on, products’ originality, tracking and checking will be more accurate than ever before.

Product Uniqueness

Each tag implemented in the product has its unique number and advanced encoding. It allows to add a lot of important information to each product. Products will have key attributes like expiration date, distributor’s number, invoice number and even loyalty points for B2B loyalty programs. Each Company may choose its own group of dedicated attributes and individually link them with single products.



Brand Protection

One of the most important Origintag features. It allows to check if product is genuine at every stage of the distribution channel end on the retailers’ shelves. It constitutes a sophisticated tool for any Company that operates in sensitive regions, where it is extremely hard to control and check whether a distributor, wholesaler or a retailer sells genuine products due to high level of counterfeiting.



A great tool for manufacturers that deal with a refilling issue of their products. This solution guarantees that a bottle has never been refilled. A special tag with electronic tamper evident protection, implemented on bottle’s neck, gives maximum security and certainty that product is genuine.