Smart Packaging

Being the most advanced and innovative Company on the market, as the only ones, we deliver an “End to End Solution”. Origintag is the only integrator, offering not only chips and tags, but also the whole comprehensive solution, from the very beginning to the very end of the process.


Chips: Standard and Custom Solutions

We integrate into our system the most advanced semiconductors from the most renowned manufacturers like NXP, that invented the NFC technology. We provide not only standard solutions, but also custom-tailored ones, according to the clients’ needs and market requirements. We design, create and manufacture dedicated components, such as chips, antennas, readers or encoders, to ensure that the whole system runs smoothly, and not only meets up with the highest efficiency standards, but it is superior to what the market offers.


NFC Forum Compliance

Our solution is compatible with NFC Forum standard, what guarantees that all of the currently produced smartphones are able to use the NFC technology for our solution.




Implementation Technology

Our patented solutions for tags implementation under different labels or inside packaging, ensure that labels are converted into SMART packaging in an easy and efficient manner. We deal with all manufacturing adjustment issues, if such are required. We have a global, strategic alliance with the largest label producer in the world – the Multi-Color Corporation, together with which, we have created many efficient solutions to add intelligence into everyday products making them smart.


Advanced 4-Layer Cryptography

None of our tags may be serially copied or broken. We use advanced cryptography to guarantee 100% product security. Our system uses 4 advanced layers of protection: the Elliptic Curve Cryptography, where data on a tag is encrypted by using Symmetric-Key Algorithm. Then, application authenticates a unique 32-bit password and finally, our own patented solution, the RTSO™ (Real Time Signature of Originality), is used to close the cryptography process – if someone ever manages to even partially copy certain parts of tag’s memory, it would be immediately detected and automatically deactivated.







Backend & SDK

The unique and highly advanced software, developed by Origintag programmers, ensures a perfect, seamless and robust functioning of the Product Communication Platform. It is the only, fully integrated, and the most versatile system in the world, that can cooperate with other most renowned data management systems around the globe.

We also provide our intuitive and seamless Talkin’ Things™application that allows to communicate with a smart product directly through a smartphone without any need to create your own application or software. We deliver a specially designed SDK, which may be easily combined with any existing application that a Client has.

Smart Packaging Features

Our Product Communication Platform offers a comprehensive and unique mix of tools dedicated to different groups of users, where each group has a different level of access to various functionalities. It is possible to use our solution to run only internal control processes within a company or to extend it to the end consumer, where both groups have access to different levels of functions and attributes.

Security and logistics management features: Brand Protection (Product’s Uniqueness, Full Brand Protection, Anti-refilling, Control of Parallel Distribution); Logistics (Anti-theft, Track and Trace, Real Time Stocktaking);

Consumer communication features: In-Store Communication (Product as a Media Platform, Usage Guidelines and Preferences Checking); One 2 One Communication (Proof of Purchase, Targeted Promotions, Cross Promotions and Loyalty Programs).






Data Management Dashboard

We provide access to our Data Management Dashboard, which is equipped with the most advanced and unique software to ensure smooth operation of the Product Communication Platform. We have equipped our Dashboard with functionalities that allow to gather and analyze the collected data, thus converting them into smart data. We are able to run and filter out various statistics based on given attributes, such as location, time, product, series, date, etc. It is also possible to manage any marketing content that is assigned to a certain product at a simple click of a button from any place in the World. Such flexibility of management of any data or marketing content is widely appreciated by our clients.

Soft Consulting

We offer dedicated consulting services in order to support our Clients with knowledge and experience during the introduction of the Product Communication Platform into their products. We share our knowledge in regards to the innovative technology that is implemented into our solution. We want our customers to fully understand the possibilities and advantages that the Product Communication Platform brings in. Our goal is to generate a valuable business edge that takes any company a big step forward by fully exploiting the possibilities of our solution. Therefore, it is very crucial that different departments of a company are aware of what can be achieved and what tools are available to them at different levels.





Technological Environment

Our Product Communication Platform comprises of cutting edge technology that makes our hardware and software unique. Apart from our dedicated mobile application and Data Management Dashboard, we offer the most advanced devices for NFC/RFiD technologies, such as antennas, readers, encoders, testers and applicators.

Smart Data

Thanks to the patented ”Proof of Purchase” feature, it is possible to collect more sophisticated data about customer behavior patterns, than ever before. With our Data Management Dashboard, it is now easy to convert sets of data into smart data, that can be used to create very precise marketing campaigns, promotions or any other activities that can capitalize on the solution’s ability to establish direct relationships with end customers.