We base all our solutions only on the most stable, proven and advanced technology. Thanks to the strategy of cooperating with only the best suppliers, we are certain that our state of the art solution, goes beyond the demanding requirements of today’s market.




RFID UHF (Radio-frequency identification UHF)

Radio frequency identification technology, uses radio waves to read electronic tags from a distance of a few centimeters to a couple of meters.

NFC Forum

The NFC Forum is a non-profit industry association whose membership draws from all parts of the NFC ecosystem. Working within the framework of the NFC Forum, member organizations share development, application, and marketing expertise to develop the best possible solutions for advancing the use of Near Field Communication, enhancing the lives of consumers worldwide and advancing members’ business objectives.






Wi-Fi is a wireless technology used mainly in telecommunications. It operates similarly to Bluetooth and its biggest advantage is a much higher range.







GPS is currently the most popular navigation system which covers the entire world. Its job is to inform the user about their current location and to help navigate through a designated area.